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We are committed to operating our business sustainably

We foster a workplace where employees can thrive and manage our environmental footprint to promote a healthy planet.

We nurture the commitment and passion of our employees to face the challenge of future uncertainties to fulfil our strategy. As a healthcare company, we want to minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment – not only today, but well into the future. 

Programs that support our efforts to contribute to a sustainable future:

Mental well-being at work and people development

To fulfill our corporate strategy, we need a talented, motivated, and diverse workforce. We want to increase our employees’ satisfaction and motivation by creating a good and healthy working environment that fosters a culture of curiosity, collaboration and innovation, and supports their well-being at work.

Climate change, environment and energy

At our manufacturing sites, we have a responsibility to minimize the impact of our business and strive to strengthen the environmental performance of our operations. This includes reducing our CO2 footprint in production and maintaining sound environmental practices to help shape a sustainable future for generations to come.