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We are committed to making great solutions through innovation

We believe that being truly innovative requires global ambitions, significant investments and a diverse approach where multiple initiatives go hand in hand.

Collaboration and co-creation are the glue that binds our ecosystem together, advancing science and technology to fuel the development of new treatment solutions.


At LEO Pharma, we are advancing the standard of care for the increasing number of people living with skin diseases. We deliver differentiated, innovative solutions addressing high unmet needs to make a fundamental difference for those who need us most in medical dermatology.


Bringing differentiated innovative solutions to market via partnerships

Our new innovation strategy leverages external innovation to discover and develop treatments for patients living with skin diseases. This means that we proactively scout for treatments for skin conditions characterized by a high unmet medical need and burden of disease for patients.


Our agile research approach, with strong scientific capabilities, allows us to identify and assess external opportunities and further maximize the value of these in co-creation and co-developments with partners across the globe.