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Innovate to address patient needs

LEO Pharma is developing an even deeper understanding of hard-to-treat skin diseases by forging external partnerships with innovators while we evolve our current offerings

The challenge of skin disease is immense, and the number of hard-to-treat indivations is staggering. Millions of patients suffer from clinical symptoms for which we have no answers or only answers that fail to advance the quality of their lives.


We are ready to address the challenge. Medical dermatology is an area with untapped potential and attractive opportunities for us to grow. We have the expertise to bring solutions to these underserved conditions.


We are continuously working to strengthen our pipeline with early as well as late-stage assets addressing underserved dermatological disease areas. Ultimately, we aim to make a fundamental difference for those who need us most in medical dermatology.


Our current pipeline

The current pipeline represents a strong mix of projects aimed at topical, oral and injectable treatments. (Click the image below to view a larger version)


 LEO Pharma pipeline


Pipeline update

28/04/2024: Update regarding IL-17A PPI (LP0128) LEO Pharma has decided to discontinue the IL-17A PPI program (LP0128) due to a preclinical toxicity finding. LEO Pharma advanced its selective IL-17A Protein-Protein-Interaction modulator candidate into preclinical development by the end of 2023. No further investigations will be conducted for LP0128, which as a result has been removed from the pipeline overview.