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Our manifesto is called curiosity beyond

Our Diversity and Inclusion manifesto is called Curiosity Beyond. It is about being curious about each other, the world, and our patients and embracing our differences. This is at the heart of everything we do.   

As a global company, we know that people are both similar and different. Our different perspectives, backgrounds, and attitudes are exactly what enables us to make the best decisions for LEO Pharma and understand the needs of people with skin conditions. 


Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and being curious beyond the obvious is at the heart of our values, our growth, and our company’s success. We are fostering inclusion throughout LEO Pharma by leveraging – and celebrating – our diverse voices, backgrounds, and experiences. 


We want all employees to be curious about each other, the world and our patients. We want them to be curious beyond their own perceptions, habits, and experiences to explore new opportunities. And we want to be a workplace where that can happen.  

We cannot save the world, that is not my intention, but we can make sure that within our doors, we create an environment where diverse profiles are at their best
Christophe Bourdon
LEO Pharma

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy builds on a strong foundation of external research and data analytics, focusing on two parallel tracks: 


  • Inclusive structures that make it easy to be inclusive as the norm
  • An inclusive culture where everybody can thrive, be their true selves and contribute with their full potential


All of this with the purpose of having a diverse workforce on all levels and within all areas of LEO Pharma.