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We are dedicated to always putting the patient first

We build on deep patient insights in researching and developing new, safe and effective medicines to treat skin diseases.

We collaborate with our stakeholders in healthcare – including patient organizations, policy makers, HCPs, payers and NGOs – to raise awareness of the importance of dermatological health and to address the barriers to healthcare faced by patients.

Programs that help us empower patients:

Expanding dermatological solutions

Our ambition is to drive medical dermatology and develop medical treatments that help people with skin disease improve their quality of life. 

We do this by constantly improving our understanding of the patient needs and the barriers to treatment they face. 

At the core of this are our R&D efforts. LEO Pharma offers a broad range of important standard treatments, as well as new innovative solutions for skin diseases. We have built one of the strongest pipelines in eczema – an area of significant unmet medical needs – and recently entered the field of rare dermatological diseases. 

Removing barriers to healthcare

Patients face significant barriers to healthcare because skin diseases are often overlooked and under-represented in the training of physicians. This leads to long periods where treatable conditions go un-diagnosed or untreated, causing a great burden on patients, healthcare systems and society. 

LEO Pharma is working with physicians and patient organizations to address this awareness gap. Our educational and training programs help patients prepare for their consultations with physicians.

Strengthening patient voice

Patients with skin diseases deserve a stronger voice in society. A key challenge for access to healthcare in psoriasis and eczema is the low prioritization of these diseases in health systems around the world. 

LEO Pharma is committed to raising awareness of skin conditions and supporting patient organizations in advocating their cause so that patients have access to the healthcare services and treatments they need.