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We make patient safety our top priority

We prioritize your safety through continuous monitoring, stringent compliance, and in-depth research for every product we develop.

At LEO Pharma, your safety is our top priority. From the moment we begin developing a product to the time it reaches your hands, we are always updating our information about its benefits and potential risks. We gather this information from a wide array of sources including early testing, clinical trials, reports from healthcare providers, consumers, literature, and feedback on product quality.


We strictly adhere to both international and national laws that govern our field. We make sure our products are consistently monitored for safety in every market. We keep regulatory authorities in the loop about our evaluations and activities, reassuring them of the reliability and safety of our products.


In every phase of our work, we study and record how the drug may affect the body and how it interacts with normal bodily processes. We are interested in understanding how the drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and removed from the body. This knowledge is crucial in proving that our new drugs are both effective and safe.