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Timber Pharmaceuticals

Timber Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – a LEO Pharma company, was formed in January 2024 through the LEO Pharma’s acquisition of the assets of Timber Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


The history of Timber as company goes back to 2019. Timber Pharmaceuticals was founded to develop treatments for unmet needs in medical dermatology and continues this mission today. Timber focuses on rare diseases or conditions of the skin for which there are no current treatments, such as Congenital Ichthyoses (CI).


CI are a group of rare genetic keratinization disorders that lead to dry, thickened, and scaling skin which can affect up to 1.5 million patients (about the population of West Virginia) globally. Rare skin diseases are among the most neglected therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical industry with few treatment options available to patients


Expanded Access Statement

Timber Pharmaceutical’s current policy on expanded access is not to offer expanded access until such time that the company has thoroughly addressed the various logistical and regulatory components of such an offering. For more information, please contact