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This is Andreas Herzog
Andreas works as a Director Chronic Hand Eczema & New Market Development with Global Brand Leadership.

In his new role, Andreas represents LEO Pharma Germany as well as headquarters in Denmark.


My name is Andreas Heiko Herzog, and I have been with LEO Pharma since March 2021. I joined the company as Commercial Excellence Director for the German market and concentrated on that role up until December 2022. In January 2022, I moved into a Global position within one of our brand teams, while still working part-time in Germany as Launch Lead. I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in both capacities.


A key objective of mine is to ensure that the local Affiliate perspective is being heard and valued at headquarters, which is central to a great Global-local partnership and collaboration. Another one is to promote excitement and belief in one of our innovative brands.


Aside from helping to bring innovative treatment options to market, I appreciate the following about working in LEO Pharma: We are always evolving, always on the move, investing in new innovative treatments and looking for new and more impactful, efficient ways of working.
Defining, building and launching a new, modern LEO Pharma to the world has been a constant aspect of my work since I joined, and it remains a thrilling task both from a Global and Affiliate perspective.


I resonate personally with our collective curiosity about new valuable compounds, innovative ideas, better, modern, flexible ways of working, upgraded organizational solutions etc. I see my own journey from Affiliate to Global as a good example of the latter, and this to me is what being innovative is all about. It means trying new pathways, exploring new concepts, thinking outside the box, implementing the most promising solutions in an agile manner and being willing to learn from both successes and setbacks.


LEO Pharma is also appealing to me for two other reasons: Culture and legacy. I love that we celebrate successes together, recognize performance and share the credit. Many things are possible as a result of our winning culture, including my own journey from Affiliate to Global.


As for our legacy, we have every reason to be proud of our contributions in medical dermatology and thrombosis. We can proudly roar and flash our teeth like lions in the fight for the role as leaders in medical dermatology.

One thing I love about LEO Pharma is that we celebrate successes together, recognize performance and share the credit.
Andreas Herzog
Director Chronic Hand Eczema & New Market Development
Global Brand Leadership