We address the huge unmet medical need for people living with a rare skin disease

There are approximately 600 known rare skin diseases or genetic disorders with skin manifestations

We are committed to rare dermatological diseases as part of our 2030 strategy of bringing first- and best-in-class compounds to patients who have limited or no treatment options today. Our vision is to drive transformative changes in the most severe rare skin diseases where no cure or tailored for purpose treatment exists, and we aim to launch at least one medical product for treatment of a rare and severe skin disease before 2025 that will dramatically improve the lives of those affected.

Our approach to rare diseases

LEO Pharma takes a unique approach to addressing the unmet needs within rare skin diseases. Beyond doing commercial due diligence to match severe rare skin diseases to our existing competences within LEO Pharma, we also focus on pioneering dermatology research. We do this by building disease understanding of rare indications, identifying and exploring drug modalities that can deliver curative treatments, and establishing worldwide collaboration with relevant experts to explore pioneering modalities and transfer this knowledge to the organization.

However, where it all begins, and ends is with the patient and delivering a treatment that is either curative or helps to bring relief to the patient in the best possible way. Therefore, we have a strong focus on connecting with patients and patient organizations to engage in open dialogue and co-creative processes. We know, that only by having patients be an integral part of the development of medicine, we will understand what great looks like in terms of treatment, relief and support.


Patrice Baudry

Vice President
of Rare Diseases Unit