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On our way towards the most innovative pipeline

We offer important standard treatments, as well as new innovative solutions for skin diseases. We have built one of the strongest pipelines in eczema and continue to strengthen our established portfolio

Our scientists’ goal is to find functional cures enabling people with skin conditions to live free of symptoms.

LEO Pharma’s global R&D organisation is powered by more than 750 scientists and specialists who all possess in-depth knowledge of the skin. Together with our partners, we have built a strong pipeline in dermatology that covers several indications and addresses a wide range of medical needs. We are steadily expanding our pipeline with innovative topical, biologic and systemic treatments to bring life-changing medicines to people with skin diseases.

Today, people with skin diseases are treated with a wide variety of medicines such as topical creams and ointments, oral tablets and injectable biologics, depending on the severity of their disease. We acknowledge these different needs, and our aim is to discover and develop the safest and most effective treatments for all patient segments.

In addition, we explore opportunities to make treatment easier for patients through innovations within medical device technologies and digital solutions and services.

Our current pipeline

The current pipeline represents a strong mix of projects aimed at topical, oral and injectable treatments.  

  • Tralokinumab: An IL-13 anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody under development for atopic dermatitis.
  • Delgocitinib:  A topical pan-JAK inhibitor under development for chronic hand eczema and atopic dermatitis.
  • Anti mIgE+B-cell: A monoclonal antibody under development for atopic dermatitis and allergic asthma.
  • IL-22R: An anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody under development for atopic dermatitis.
  • Oral H4R antagonist: A systemic anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory H4 receptor antagonist under development for atopic dermatitis.
  • IL-17A PPI An IL-17 small-molecule modulator under development for psoriasis.