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I won’t let psoriasis define me

Meet Judith Duncan, a young Scottish blogger and digital marketer living a fairly normal and youthful life despite of her psoriasis, “I try to remind myself that how my skin looks is the least important thing about me. As long as I am as healthy, as I can be, then how my skin look visually doesn’t matter."

My name is Jude Avril Duncan, I’m 26 and from a small town called Gourock, Scotland. I have had psoriasis for almost 6 years. My psoriasis mostly affects my face, scalp and pubic area. I also have small patches on my arms and legs and a big patch in and around my belly button.

I was first diagnosed with psoriasis in my early 20s. I had just started my third year at university and noticed a small red mark growing above my left eyebrow I wasn’t sure what it was and went to the doctor after a few weeks when it didn’t go away. I’ve always had many skin issues from adult acne to shingles, and lots of rashes and reactions. 

My doctor thought it was just another reaction or rash and that it would die down soon with some steroid cream. I went away and started using the cream to no affect. After a few months, I decided to go back to the doctor as my patch was getting bigger and that is when I was told I had psoriasis. Given another steroid and I was told to go off and try that. Again, this didn’t work. I gave up on the creams and forgot about it.