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Whether it’s World Psoriasis Day or not, psoriasis persists.
And at LEO Pharma, our commitment to help people achieve healthy skin persists too.

More than 125 million people worldwide live with this long-term skin condition

Their day-to-day lives are impacted in countless, individual ways - not just physically, but also socially, emotionally and financially.

We have chosen to mark world psoriasis day by sharing some everyday conversations of people with psoriasis talking about the challenges they face.

Please watch them and share them to spread knowledge of this debilitating skin disease. And if you are affected by psoriasis, use the opportunity of world psoriasis day (or any day for that matter!) to share your own #everydaypsoriasis challenges with your friends, family, colleagues. The more people who are informed about how psoriasis affects you, the better they can support you.

Watch LEO Pharma’s pledge for today (and every day)

Watch Jane’s story about how psoriasis affects everyday activities like going to the shops

“What makes me feel bad is when I see other people looking… Because you can see the cogs working like, oh, she contagious.”

Watch Steve’s story about how the effects of psoriasis go beyond the skin

“It's like you are going for that revolving door and you are going round and round and round"

Watch Becky’s story about what it was like to have psoriasis at school

“It really did knock on my confidence and it caused a lot of problems to me.”

5 things you may not hear about psoriasis every day

Psoriasis 5 facts

So while we want to draw attention to the everyday challenges of psoriasis, we would also like to use the opportunity of World Psoriasis Day to highlight that there are ways to manage the condition. Not just treatments, but lifestyle changes too. If you or someone you know is experiencing.

#everydaypsoriasis challenges, consider approaching your doctor for advice

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About the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA)

IFPA presents World Psoriasis Day as an annual day dedicated to people with psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. It has been celebrated on October 29 for more than a decade. On World Psoriasis Day, IFPA member associations and their supporters organise activities around the world to raise awareness of psoriasis.

October 2020 marks the second year of a three-year campaign

CONNECTED • INFORMED • UNITED dedicated to the psoriasis community


Useful resources

Find information about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis through these IFPA-recommended resources.

Global Psoriasis Atlas
Discover key facts and figures on psoriasis and how it is treated around the world.

Global Psoriasis Coalition
The Global Psoriasis Coalition advocates for targeted interventions to address the impact of psoriasis at all levels – individual, community, governmental and societal.

PsoProtect is an international registry for health care providers to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with psoriasis.

PsoProtectMe is intended to help the international psoriasis community during the COVID-19 pandemic. By self-reporting how you feel, even if you feel fine, you’ll be helping us understand how the pandemic is affecting people with psoriasis

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