Partnering to discover new treatments for more patients

Get a glimpse into the world of medical dermatology and see how we improve the way we work for the benefit of patients.

Finding new treatments for people with skin diseases demands new approaches to innovation. That’s why we’ve established LEO Pharma Open Innovation which is all about exploring potential opportunities by collaborating with external partners. The idea is to combine the expertise and research between LEO Pharma and our external partners to develop new medicines. It’s a win-win set-up truly harvesting a collaborative mindset, where LEO Pharma helps our external partners test their results, by providing open access to a range of our research tools, biological research models, and insights into areas of strategic interest. 

It’s an untraditional approach for a pharmaceutical company to engage with the external environment, but it’s also a fruitful one. More than once the Open Innovation set-up has proven that by working together, we can produce something that’s worth more than the value of the parts.

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To me pioneering means blazing a trail that others choose to follow.

Helen Frost
Liaison Scientist
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