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Global IT

LEO Pharma has set the very ambitious goal to become the world’s preferred dermatology care partner. To fulfil this vision, we are transforming our IT landscape across systems, processes and tools – in short everything is in play in an increasingly more complex and global setting. Global IT enables and drives LEO Pharma’s digital strategy with the aim of taking advantage of new digital and technical services to empower LEO Pharma to reach more patients and drive efficiency and effectiveness.

A global knowledge-based organization

The IT organization in LEO Pharma is a knowledge-based organization with approx. 165 multi-disciplinary highly skilled and experienced employees. Our work environment is global and diverse, and we collaborate across professional areas of expertise to enable and deliver transformative and optimized projects across LEO Pharma. We manage and drive global IT infrastructure and operations – through an outsourced environment. Most of us are based in Ballerup, Denmark but we also have colleagues in other parts of Europe as well as Australia and the US.



Global IT is structured into four line functions and two staff functions:

Line functions

  • Digital Business Platforms (DBP): Entry point and primary business relationship management. DBP combines digital technologies with business processes and data across a business value chain to achieve optimisation or new strategic outcomes.
  • Technology, Architecture and Innovation (TAI): Architecture and design of IT solutions to deliver business value through digital innovation.
  • Project & Portfolio Management (PPM): Project planning and execution. The main focus is to ensure that LEO Pharma receives maximum value from the portfolio of projects. The goal is to execute projects on-budget and on-time in a controlled and consistent manner and in accordance with the internal costumers demands.
  • Infrastructure and Operations (I&O): Infrastructure and Operations (Service Delivery) and outsourced IT services, ensuring delivery of Global IT services which are reliable, scalable, cost-efficient and meet agreed service levels.

Staff functions

  • Information Security & IT Compliance (CISO): in charge of Information Security in LEO Pharma as well as IT Compliance.
  • CIO Services: support function for the Chief Information Office.



Culture is key

In Global IT, we focus on creating a strong culture and we work actively towards our aspirational leadership styles which are:

Outcome focus: Achievement-driven and goal-oriented

Pioneering: Open, inventive, and exploring

People Engagement: Warm, sincere, and rational

For us, culture is an important part of our working life and we want to actively influence the way in which we collaborate and create results. We care about each other, our company and our patients.


Søren Stryhn

Senior Manager

Jacob Mebus Meyer

Head of Enterprise Architecture

Carsten Bern Olsen

Program Manager