Make your favourite products intelligent and connect to your online adherence plan.

justklikkit.com is a tracking system with an app connected to physical buttons. The system can be used for individuals wishing to track how they manage their skin treatment , and for companies or institutions wishing a smarter way to track treatment or daily tasks than writing or typing. justklikkit.com can be applied to anything, e.g. medication, care, cleaning etc.
For individual users
Attach up to five buttons on your skin care products or treatment. Every time you use one of the products, you click the button. The app will show you how often you use your products. That way you can track if you follow your treatment plan compared to how your skin is doing. For more information visit justklikkit.com
For companies/institutions
Assign a button for each task you wish to track. Every time you perform the task, you click the button. The app will show you exactly the time each task was performed in both a daily, weekly and monthly view. For more information please contact Line Lyst 
This solution has been developed by LEO Innovation Lab, an independent LEO Pharma innovation unit which develops non-pharmaceutical solutions in order to improve the lives of people with psoriasis.

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