Social media

Engaging in social media is just one of the ways we aim to understand our stakeholders and uphold our commitment to being a patient-focused partner in dermatology as well as within thrombosis. We strive to support and inspire others in our efforts to make a difference.

Here is an overview of LEO Pharma's global social media channels. 


On LinkedIn, LEO Pharma has a company profile and careers page. These aim to provide potential employees with insight into the company and access to current vacancies.


On Facebook, LEO Pharma has a company profile. This aims to provide employees and the general public with insight into the company, our history and values.


@LEOHealthySkin is designed to empower and inspire people to achieve healthy skin. Please follow us for skin health, dermatology and LEO Pharma news and information.

@CancerClot is our Global Twitter feed on blood clot related issues with focus on cancer.


Our Global YouTube channel is designed to show what it is like to live with skin conditions or thrombosis and how LEO Pharma strives to develop solutions that fulfill people’s real-life needs.   


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