LEO Pharma A/S makes its first investment in microbiome technology – enters partnership with microbiome-therapeutics company Naked Biome Inc

Ballerup, Denmark, April 12, 2018 – Today, LEO Pharma A/S, a global leader in medical dermatology and Naked Biome Inc, a San Francisco-based translational microbiome company, announced that LEO Pharma will invest USD 500,000 in Naked Biome.

The investment is LEO Pharma’s first in the microbiome area and underpins the company’s dedication to advance science together with partners and develop life-changing medicines, which improve people’s lives.

At LEO Pharma, we innovate to advance science in dermatology and deliver better treatments to people with skin diseases. The microbiome technology shows exciting potential within dermatology, and with our investment in Naked Biome we can to tap into the company’s expertise with the aim of exploring potential new ways of treating skin disease,” says Kim Kjoeller; EVP of Global R&D at LEO Pharma A/S

Naked Biome Inc. is a translational microbiome company, which leverages breakthrough science from The Human Microbiome Project, a US National Institute of Health initiative to better characterize the human microbiome and its role underlying human health and disease, to find bacterial applications for skin disease.

The company is based in San Francisco, California and was established in 2015 by Emma Taylor, an MD and UCLA-trained Board-Certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist.

We are very excited to collaborate with Leo Pharma, as their expertise in the world of dermatology, particularly as it relates to clinical trial design, formulation, and commercialization will be of great value as we move beyond our proof-of-concept clinical trials,” says Emma Taylor, MD, CEO and founder of Naked Biome.

Naked Biome’s invention is based on the premise that disease-associated strains have clinically relevant genotypes and phenotypes, and that by depleting the disease-associated strains and replacing with health-associated strains, the disease will be mitigated and cured.

The first clinical trial is under way in the field of acne and it is the first topical live biologic therapeutic for treatment of acne. The invention has applicability to other dermatologic diseases. As part of the agreement, LEO Pharma will be part of Naked Biome’s advisory board with focus on advising on clinical trial plans and formulation development.

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About microbiomes

The microbiome comprises all of the genetic material within a microbiota (the entire collection of microorganisms in a specific niche, such as the human gut). This can also be referred to as the metagenome of the microbiota. The microbiome is important for maintaining human health, and equally important in relation to diseases, as it can also contribute to disease.


About Naked Biome

Naked Biome is a microbiome therapeutics company developing live biologic therapies to treat skin disease, with a current focus in acne. Utilizing the foundational knowledge of the Human-Microbiome Project, Naked Biome aims to develop better tolerated and safer alternatives to antibiotic treatment of skin disease. Naked Biome has entered Phase IB human clinical trials with their first drug candidate. For more information, visit www.nakedbiome.com


About LEO Pharma

LEO Pharma helps people achieve heal thy skin. By offering care solutions to patients in more than 100 countries globally, LEO Pharma supports people in managing their skin conditions. Founded in 1908 and owned by the LEO Foundation, the health care company has devoted decades of research and development to delivering products and solutions to people with skin conditions. LEO Pharma is headquartered in Denmark and employs more than 5,000 people worldwide.

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