Annual results: LEO Pharma helped 48 million patients in 2014

Ballerup, Denmark, 22 April 2015 – As a result of LEO Pharma’s continued focus on delivering better care and the efforts of employees worldwide, the company experienced 2014 financial growth in line with expectations. The results create a solid foundation for helping more people with skin conditions.

Today, LEO Pharma A/S announces its annual results for 2014 and outlines expectations for 2015. LEO Pharma has come out of a challenging 2014 stronger and focused on delivering even better care for people with skin conditions, said LEO Pharma CEO and President Gitte Aabo:

“We are pleased with our financial performance in 2014. LEO Pharma succeeded in help-ing 48 million patients last year and strengthened our foundation for helping more patients in the future, despite generic competition and increasing price pressure. This achievement is thanks to LEO Pharma’s strong commitment to helping people with skin conditions and to the dedication of our employees worldwide.”

Emerged stronger from challenging year

In 2014, LEO Pharma’s net sales increased by more than 4% at comparable exchange rates compared to 2013. Sales of strategic psoriasis products grew by 17%*.

In addition, LEO Pharma succeeded in increasing sales outside the US by 9% at comparable exchange rates. Growth was driven largely by the launch of Daivobet® Ointment in Japan, the launch of Picato® in additional European markets, the continued growth of Daivobet® gel and increased use of innohep® in cancer-associated thrombosis.

The expected loss of exclusivity of Taclonex® Ointment, a product for the treatment of psoriasis, resulted in a 21% reduction in US revenue at comparable exchange rates com-pared to 2013. Nevertheless, helping more patients in the US will continue to be a priority.

“LEO Pharma’s commitment to the US market remains strong. Having overcome the chal-lenges we faced in 2014, we can now focus on helping more people with actinic keratosis and psoriasis in the US. We strongly believe that Picato® and Taclonex® Topical Suspension – and Enstilar®, currently being reviewed by the FDA - offer patients valuable alterna-tive treatments,” said Gitte Aabo.

In 2014, LEO Pharma strengthened the company’s late-stage pipeline through strategic partnerships with KLOX Technologies and Japan Tobacco Inc. as well as advancing key development projects. New data published in 2014 substantiated the benefits of repeated use of Picato® and regulatory authorities in several countries approved long-term use of innohep® for cancer-associated thrombosis.

New treatment solutions in 2015

In 2015, LEO Pharma expects to launch three new solutions for the treatment of skin con-ditions: Enstilar®, Daivobet® gel Applicator and Kleresca®. In addition, LEO Pharma is introducing new treatment syringe volumes of innohep®, a product for the treatment of thrombotic conditions.

Enstilar® - currently being reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – is set to be the first ever fixed combination aerosol foam for the treatment of psoriasis vulgar-is and was developed based on insights from people with psoriasis.

Daivobet® gel Applicator is a drug device that makes it easier for people with psoriasis to apply Daivobet® gel to difficult-to-reach areas. Daivobet® gel Applicator was co-developed with patients and is LEO Pharma’s first drug-device combination product.

Kleresca® is a medical device therapy for the treatment of acne, one of the most common skin conditions affecting more than 150 million people worldwide. It is LEO Pharma’s first medical device therapy and the company’s first global entry into the acne market.

In 2015, LEO Pharma will continue its strong focus on partnering and acquisitions to bring more new products and solutions to patients faster.

Gitte Aabo said: “2015 is an important year for LEO Pharma. We expect to provide patients with as many as three, new dermatological solutions, including the first ever fixed combination aerosol foam for the treatment of psoriasis. We hope these solutions will im-prove the everyday lives of people with skin conditions. By continuing to put patients at the centre of everything we do, we can run a healthy business and help even more people with skin conditions in the future.”

* Strategic psoriasis products are: Daivobet® gel, Daivobet® gel Applicator, Xamiol®.


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