More than a century of providing treatment solutions for patients has made integrity a cornerstone of LEO Pharma’s top management. In its daily decision-making, the team strives to do the right thing by LEO Pharma, its people and the patients it serves. 

LEO Pharma management has a two-tier structure. The Global Leadership Team is responsible for overall business growth, strategic direction and daily operations, while the Board of Directors has a supervisory role with direct involvement in key decisions about LEO Pharma’s future. The two bodies are separate and no individual serves on both.

Global Leadership Team

  • Gitte Aabo, President & CEO 
  • Anders Kronborg, Executive Vice President, Global Finance & Business Services
  • Kim Kjoeller, Executive Vice President, Global Research & Development
  • Joergen Damsbo Andersen, Executive Vice President, Region INTERNATIONAL
  • Chris Posner, Executive Vice President, US and President & CEO of LEO Pharma, Inc.
  • Guillaume Clément, Executive Vice President, Region EUROPE+
  • Mette Vestergaard, Executive Vice President, Global People & Business Transformation
  • Patrice Baudry, Executive Vice President, G3M - Global Marketing, Market Access and Medical Affairs
  • Rhonda Duffy, Executive Vice President, Global Product Supply

Board of Directors

  • Olivier Bohuon, Chairman
  • Anders Ekblom, Vice chairman
  • Patrik O. Dahlén, Board member
  • Jesper Hoiland, Board member
  • Cristina Lage, Board member
  • Jan van de Winkel, Board member
  • Jesper Mailind, Board member
  • Signe Maria Christensen , Employee-elected board member
  • Franck Mareno Nielsen, Employee-elected board member
  • Jannie Kogsboll, Employee-elected board member
  • Karin Attermann, Employee-elected board member

High-resolution images of the LEO Pharma Global Leadership Team are available for download

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