From 2009 and onwards

 In 2009, LEO Pharma launches a new global strategy 'Going for Gold - step by step' with the stated ambition of growing the company.

The success criteria are to maintain the independence of LEO Pharma, to secure competitiveness in all we do and to nurture and develop the organisation. 

Despite a record year in 2008, it has never been LEO Pharma's approach to rest on its laurels, and in recognition of the challenges facing the healthcare industry in general, LEO Pharma will continue to be ahead. This requires continued financial independence, innovative drugs, and a strong pipeline. It also requires increasing global presence and double-digit sales growth. Above all, it requires the right people with a shared vision, mission and values.

Historically, LEO Pharma owes its success over the last 100 years to LEO People with a strong passion for innovation, customer focus, integrity and adaptability; LEO People with the will to expand and the capability to consolidate. With the 'Going for Gold - step by step' strategy LEO Pharma has set the sails - if not for the next 100 years - then at least for the years to come.  




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