Patient organisations

LEO Pharma is committed to help people achieve healthy skin. That is our mission and we want to play an active role in helping people deal with the skin disease and symptoms.

We have a history of supporting patient organisations within our therapeutic focus areas. Our relationship with patient organisations is based on mutual respect, ensuring that the views and decisions of each partner have equal value. Our engagement and support have a three-fold purpose:

  1. LEO Pharma acknowledges the important role that patient organisations play in increasing patient understanding about disease and treatment, as well as increasing hope and support to patients. Our sponsorship of patient organisations enables patients to engage with other patients.
  2. LEO Pharma finds the role of patient organisations pivotal in providing knowledge and insight to society on what it is like to live with a disease. We support patients by engaging in disease awareness activities.
  3. LEO Pharma acknowledges that patient organisations are the key facilitators of patient advocacy. We support patient organisations in speaking on behalf of patients.

LEO Pharma complies with applicable laws, legislation and industry codes on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations.

Collaborations between LEO Pharma A/S and Danish patient organisations will be published below. For collaborations with Patient Organisations from other countries, please go the specific country website

Click to download:

Psoriasisforeningen 2019
Psoriasisforeningen 2019
Foreningen for Autoimmune Sygdomme (FAIM)
Danish Psoriasis Association 2018
EUPATI, 1-2018
Danish Psoriasis Association – IFPA 2018






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