LEO WhistleBlower Hotline

Your willingness to come forward and report unethical behavior is important to LEO Pharma.

Therefore, employees and members of the boards, customers, suppliers, collaborators, business partners and others related to LEO Pharma, are recommended to come forward with their concerns.

What can be reported?

Only serious concerns or suspicion of such that could have possible impact on LEO Pharma and/or unethical behavior related to LEO Pharma that could have vital impact on individual’s life, health and/or environment can be reported, such as:
• Serious economic crime
• Serious breach on environmental, health and safety issues
• Serious offences, directed towards an employee

Specific local laws may rule against report of concerns within certain subject matters, and in this case, the concern cannot be accepted.

Other enquiries – not to be reported via LEO WhistleBlower Hotline, such as salary or promotion, disagreements with colleagues, customer complaints and reporting side effects will be rejected if reported in LEO WhistleBlower Hotline.

About reporting and following up on a report

When reporting a concern you will be guided through the report and asked to provide details in regards to the concern together with your contact information.
LEO Pharma encourages reporters to identify themselves but reporting anonymously is also an option*. As a reporter you are given a report number and a personal identification number (PIN). The report number and PIN are intended for following up on the report, providing additional information, receiving response and answering any questions.

*to the extend local legally possible

About LEO WhistleBlower Hotline and the investigation

LEO WhistleBlower Hotline is designed together with a highly experienced external supplier (Global Compliance also trading as NAVEX Global™) ensuring secure and confidential reporting in many languages 24 hours a day, 365 days year.
The investigation of a report will be initiated and handled by Corporate Affairs, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Only a restricted group of people are involved in the investigation and independent external investigators may be involved if found necessary.  The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, has the final say. 

How to report

Reporting is possible either by web reporting or telephone reporting. Reporting is decided by where the incident took place (country) or the location of the reporter. 

Web reporting

Reporting to the LEO WhistleBlower Hotline is possible via the following sites:

If incident takes place/if reporter is located outside the European Union, please click:
LEO Global WhistleBlower Hotline

If incident takes place/if reporter is located in the European Union, except from France, Spain and Portugal, please click:
LEO EU WhistleBlower Hotline

If incident takes place/if reporter is located in France, please click:
LEO France WhistleBlower Hotline

If incident takes place/if reporter is located in Spain or Portugal, please click:
LEO Spain/Portugal WhistleBlower Hotline

Telephone reporting

Reporting to the LEO WhistleBlower Hotline is possible by telephone. Here you find a complete overview of all telephone number(s) applicable to each LEO Pharma location/country. Please go to the list and find the relevant telephone number(s):
LEO WhistleBlower Hotline telephone list (PDF)

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