Our workplace

LEO Pharma is built on a solid platform of 100 years of research and development.

We started in the basement of a Copenhagen pharmacy, while today, we are located in 61 countries. This kind of evolutionary growth has throughout the years been characteristic of our small, yet world-leading company.

Terms such as independent, financially sound, serious, knowledge-based, community, strong values and proud are key descriptors of our workplace, according to our employees. And no matter how fast we are growing, we wish to hold on to these qualifications.

An independent company

We feel we have several advantages that help us fulfil our ambitions. Because we are privately owned, we are independent, which enables us to make fast decisions.

All our facilities, from discovery and development to production and marketing, are located together. As a result, LEO people from all walks of life rub shoulders and work together every day. This has helped create a unique company culture with a strong sense of community.



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