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NB: The products Burinex®, Centyl® K, Condyline®, Conotrane®, Fonx®, Kaleorid®, Locobase®, Mildison®, Selexid® and Synalar® have been sold to Karo Pharma A/S on April 4, 2018. LEO Pharma will therefore transfer side effects, which will be received for these products to Karo Pharma A/S.

Reporting side effects on LEO Pharma products

Patient's initials (only state the first letter in the first name and surname and not the full name): 
Age at the time of the side effect:  
Are you the patient?
Name of LEO Pharma drug used: 
Lot/batch no. of LEO Pharma drug (if available): 
Name of the disease for which this LEO Pharma drug was used: 
First date of treatment with the LEO Pharma drug: 
Daily dose of the LEO Pharma drug: 
Has treatment with the LEO Pharma drug been stopped?
If yes on which date did the treatment stop? 
Which side effect(s) did the patient experience? 
At what date was the side effect(s) first noticed? 
Describe what happened (how did the side effect(s) start, 
Has the patient suffered from the same side effect(s) previously?
If yes, please specify which drug(s) was taken at the time: 
How is the side effect(s) right now?
Did the side effect(s) following use of the LEO Pharma drug lead to any of the following?
If the side effect(s) following use of the LEO Pharma drug lead to death please specify the date the patient died  
Were other drugs taken at the same time as the side effect(s) occurred?
If yes, please list the following information:
a) The name of the drug(s): 
b) The disease(s) for which the drug(s) was taken: 
c) The start date: 
At the time of the side effect to the LEO drug, was the patient suffering from any other disease, including allergies?
If yes please describe the following:
a) Disease: 
b) Date started: 
c) Treatment prescribed: 
Please use this field for further relevant information: 
Your name: 
Are you a Health Care Professional?
If yes, please specify type: 
e-mail address (a copy of the form will be sent to this e-mail): 
Please press the 'send' button in order for LEO Pharma to receive your side effect report

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