We innovate to advance treatment standards for people with skin conditions worldwide.

Our robust portfolio of small molecules and antibodies allows us to meet the diverse medical needs of the patients we serve. Our scientists’ goal is to find functional cures enabling people with skin conditions to live free of symptoms.

LEO Pharma’s innovation engine is powered by a global R&D organisation with more than 700 scientists and specialists. Together with our partners, we have built a strong pipeline focused on dermatology covering several indications. We are expanding our internal innovation and external partnerships to bring life-changing medicines to people with skin conditions.

Today, corticosteroids are among the most prescribed topical medications to clear flare-ups of skin inflammations. We are working to find new topical treatments that combine the benefits of steroids with safety and efficacy for long-term use. Likewise, we are moving into the field of systemic treatment in order to provide new treatment options for severe skin conditions.

Our pipeline includes:

  • a novel pan JAK inhibitor for non-steroidal topical treatment of inflammatory skin diseases (phase II)
  • a novel oral bio-available PDE4 inhibitor for psoriasis (phase II)
  • tralokinumab, an IL-13 antibody for systemic treatment of atopic dermatitis (phase II)

In addition, we explore opportunities to make treatment easier for patients through innovations within medical device technologies and digital solutions and services.

Pipeline overview

Click image below to expand to full size view (pdf).


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