LEO Pharma’s innovation unit wins award for digital innovation

The future of pharma goes far beyond drugs and devices. It is about developing solutions that helps patients in a much broader perspective – and involving technology is crucial for success. That approach earned LEO Pharma’s innovation lab the Annual Innovation Award from Confederation of Danish Industry.

BALLERUP, Denmark, 27 September 2017 – Technological advancements in healthcare open great opportunities for patients – just as commercial aspects are equally big. That has already long ago made digital giants as Google, Facebook and Amazon enter into healthcare. But development also goes from pharma to digital, and Danish pharma companies are playing an active part in driving this movement forward. Tuesday night that led to LEO Pharma’s innovation unit, LEO Innovation Lab, being awarded with the Annual Innovation Award from Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). 

“Innovation is always on top of our agenda at LEO Pharma – and we are therefore honored and excited for the award,” says Kim Kjoeller, Executive Vice President for Global R&D in LEO Pharma and elaborates:

“Medical treatments are still our key competence – and will continue to be so. But we see our mission in a broader perspective. We should not only focus on treating a disease – we should look at how we can improve the everyday quality of life for people living with a skin disease. Here technology offers some great opportunities to complement our treatments – and it is those opportunities we pursue with LEO Innovation Lab,” states Kim Kjoeller.

9 healthcare apps launched
Despite its young age of less than two years, LEO Innovation Lab today employs more than 80 people and has already brought 10 different healthcare apps to the market and to the patients. Among those are Imagine where patients via upload of photos can follow the progression of their disease together with their healthcare specialist, and SkinVision – an app used to ensure a more precise diagnosis, so that patients faster can be prescribed the right treatment for their specific disease situation.

Through the 9 apps LEO Innovation Lab has been connected with more than 120,000 patients in more than 100 countries. And the knowledge they gather flows back to LEO Pharma and is used in designing and developing new treatments and business models, that will help drive g the company forward.

“We are somewhat comparing ourselves to Google’s famous x-lab. We are close enough to draw upon LEO Pharma’s competences and experience as a leading healthcare company in its field – but at the same at a distance where we are able to create our own creative innovation environment targeted digital development,” says Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO of LEO Innovation Lab.

LEO Innovation Lab was established in 2015. Backed by an investment from LEO Pharma of DKK 500 million the clear mission is to investigate and develop technological solutions, which in the broadest sense can help people living with a skin disease improve quality of life.


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