Psoriasis now on the global health agenda

Ballerup, Denmark 23 May, 2014 – The WHO has approved a historical resolution to fight the stigma suffered by people with psoriasis, a chronic skin disease affecting more than 125 million individuals worldwide.  It is the first time that a stand-alone resolution on psoriasis has been on the agenda at the World Health Assembly. 

The resolution acknowledges that psoriasis can have serious physical as well as psychosocial implications for the individual. It also recognises that psoriasis remains highly stigmatised, not least due to a significant knowledge gap in the general population. The document contains a series of action points that aim to improve the quality of life for psoriasis sufferers worldwide. 

“Today marks a milestone for psoriasis patients. This ground-breaking development is a clear sign that psoriasis has finally moved higher up the international health agenda,” says Kim Kjoeller, Senior Vice President Global Development, LEO Pharma.

“This resolution urges member states to take action at a national level to combat the stigma that’s all too often associated with this serious chronic illness. Now patients can expect better access to information – not just about psoriasis, but crucially also related diseases and the psychosocial issues they may face.

“We hope this resolution will help address the gaps in psoriasis research and pave the way for a better quality of life for psoriasis patients. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this resolution in the future.”

The resolution aims to combat the stigma attached to psoriasis through increased disease awareness and improved disease information. In the long term, the resolution is expected to help facilitate improved access to holistic care, ensuring that patients are not just treated for the physical symptoms of psoriasis, but also for comorbidities and the psychosocial issues they may face as a result of the visible nature of their psoriasis.

In addition, the resolution commits the WHO to delivering a global report on psoriasis in 2015. The report will include the global incidence and prevalence of psoriasis and identify successful approaches for integrating the management of psoriasis into existing services.  

For more information, contact Eva Juul Langlands, Corporate Communications Manager: +45 4188 3094.

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