LEO Pharma restructures Research and Development

Next step on LEO Pharma’s strategic journey towards becoming a global patient-centric organisation is a new operational structure for Research & Development enabling the company to bring more new treatment solutions to patients with skin diseases even faster.

Since 2008 LEO Pharma has nearly doubled its budget for Research and Development (R&D) resulting in development of new treatments solutions for people suffering from skin diseases such as Daivobet® Gel and Picato®.

This current high level of investments in R&D will be maintained and going forward be allocated to support a new and more flexible structure in R&D enabling LEO Pharma to bring more new treatment solutions to patients even faster.

The new structure will support the company’s strategic growth journey and its focus on patient centricity. LEO Pharma will increase focus and commit more resources to international partnerships and access to the latest technologies and knowledge within dermatology from the global R&D environment.

To free up resources and create room for this new and more flexible operational structure we propose to reduce the number of employees in R&D from approx. 700 to approx. 650, globally

The new structure will contribute to secure future growth and bring more new solutions to patients even faster. The overall mission and strategic direction of the company remains unchanged. LEO Pharma’s mission is to help people achieve healthy skin, and our vision is to become the preferred dermatology care partner improving people’s lives around the world.

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