LEO Pharma wins prestigious award for growth strategy

LEO Pharma’s growth achievements have been recognised by the European Business Awards as the International Growth Strategy of the Year.

Ballerup, Denmark, 11 June 2013 - The growth in LEO Pharma has drawn the attention from the European business community. This was obvious Thursday June 6, 2013 in Istanbul where LEO Pharma was applauded as the overall winner of the European Business Award’s annual competition “International Growth Strategy of the Year.”

“I am very honoured on behalf of LEO Pharma to receive the award,” said Ida Brams, Executive Director, Patient Strategy & Programme Office.

The Awards, founded in 2007, highlight and promote examples of individuals and organisations that achieve outstanding results across a variety of disciplines – from environmental concern to customer focus – results that set them apart as leaders in Europe.

“Obviously, the award represents our contribution to European growth. Even more, though, I believe that it represents the many patients around the world suffering from a skin disease – patients to whom we believe we have an obligation to grow and expand for in order to help as many as possible achieve healthy skin,” says Ida Brams, Executive Director.

She further more underlined that growing a company is not without obstacles.

“Communication must be simple and must make sense. We must never lose sense of who we are in the process of growing because staying true to our values is what will make us succeed in the long run,” said Ida Brams.

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