LEO Pharma commits to increased clinical data transparency

Ballerup, Denmark, 24 October - Global dermatology specialist company declares its commitment to share clinical trials data

From January 1, 2014, researchers, patient associations and healthcare professionals can gain access to LEO Pharma’s clinical trials data, the company announced today. LEO Pharma, a global dermatology specialist company headquartered in Denmark, declared its support for the increased global calls for transparency coming from many quarters, including patient groups, researchers and think tanks.

“LEO Pharma is a patient-centric company and for us that implies being transparent about the results from our clinical trials, so that we can enable patients and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about treatment. We recognise the public health benefits associated with making clinical trials results available,” said Gitte P. Aabo, President and CEO of LEO Pharma.

LEO Pharma will share clinical trials data with interested researchers, healthcare professionals and patients in a way that will not compromise sensitive personal data.

“As a company focused on helping people achieve healthy skin, we believe it is important to ensure that the latest clinical information is available so that we can continue to advance the scientific under-standing of dermatological diseases, added Kim Kjøller, Senior Vice President, Global Development, LEO Pharma.

Starting in January 2014, the company will gradually post summary results of clinical trials sponsored by LEO Pharma dating back to 1990 on the company’s corporate website, In addition, clinical study reports for approved products dating back to1990 will be gradually published, starting March 2014 with the most recent and with all clinical study reports available within the next three years.

Finally, LEO Pharma will upon request ensure that researchers, healthcare professionals and patient associations can receive access to anonymised patient-level data for approved products dating back to 2000. A Patient and Scientific Review board will be established to evaluate requests for patient-level data. The Board will comprise researchers and representatives from patient associations, and will meet four times annually to review requests for access to data from clinical trials sponsored by LEO Pharma.

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