LEO Pharma celebrates World Psoriasis Day

LEO Pharma is Corporate Supporter of World Psoriasis Day 2011 through the International Federations of Psoriasis Association (IFPA).

We support IFPA in making policy makers and community leaders aware of the stigmatisation and discrimination faced by psoriasis patients. We also support IFPA in encouraging healthcare providers to consider all aspects of psoriasis and in educating the general public in facts about the disease.

By supporting IFPA on the World Psoriasis Day, LEO Pharma can increase awareness of the consequences of living with psoriasis through combined efforts across organisations, institutions, companies and patients.
Stigmatisation and discrimination
The theme of this year’s World Psoriasis Day is stigmatisation and discrimination. All around the world, patients experience discrimination and stigmatisation due to a lack of knowledge of psoriasis, what the disease does to the skin and how it behaves.

IFPA has prior to the World Psoriasis Day conducted surveys in 44 countries that show how people living with psoriasis are stigmatised and discriminated against.

Especially young people in schools are subject to misunderstanding and social exclusion, IFPA states. Please learn more on IFPA’s website provided below.

LEO Pharma supports national initiatives on World Psoriasis Day
LEO Pharma affiliates support national awareness events around the world. Please visit the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations’ website to learn more on the World Psoriasis Day www.ipfa-pso.org.

If you have any questions to LEO Pharma's engagement in World Psoriasis Day 2011, please contact Helga Heyn, Launch Communications Manager, Corporate External Affairs at +45 2629 4197 or helga.heyn@leo-pharma.com.

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