LEO Pharma Research Foundation announces Gold and Silver awards 2011

The LEO Pharma Research Foundation’s Gold and Silver awards 2011 go to Claus Johansen and Charlotte Menné Bonefeld – young researchers with exceptional achievements in dermatology.

The awards will be presented on 23 November at the Panum Institute in Copenhagen by Professor Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen, world-leading medicinal chemist and Chairman of the Board of the Carlsberg Foundation.

“This year’s award winners have made outstanding contributions to dermatology, despite their young age. Ultimately their research can lead to better care for patients with skin disorders. We hope that the awards can support their accomplishments in the future,” says Tore Duvold, chairman of LEO Pharma Research Foundation’s award selection committee.

Gold award
The DKK 1,000,000 award goes to 38-year-old Danish dermatological researcher Claus Johansen. His research over the years has focused on the complex network of intra-cellular signals controlling inflammatory skin disorders, particularly in relation to psoriasis. The results have furthered understanding of the inflammatory process in psoriasis – key knowledge for the future development of new therapies.

Silver award
The 36-year-old immunologist Charlotte Menné Bonefeld receives the DKK 500,000 award for her research achievements in dermatology. Her research includes new promising results, which show that the immune system weakens – in other words develops tolerance – when someone is repeatedly exposed to strong allergens such as those found in hair dyes. The results offer new insight into treatment possibilities and the reasons why people develop allergies.

Corporate Communications Manager, LEO Pharma, Eva Juul Langlands: +45 4188 3094/+45 7226 2059, eva.langlands@leo-pharma.com

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