Danish royal couple visits LEO Pharma Inc. to mark affiliate expansion

HRH the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark visited LEO Pharma Inc., LEO Pharma’s U.S. affiliate, last week.

The royal visit, co-hosted with the Danish Consulate General in New York, marked the expansion of LEO Pharma Inc. headquarters and highlighted skin cancer awareness and prevention.

HRH the Crown Princess Mary, in her fifth year as patron of the Danish Cancer Society, presented a donation from LEO Pharma Inc. to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

In a speech, she stressed the need for a global, coordinated approach to battling skin cancer.

“Statistically one in five Americans will develop skin cancer. Denmark has a lot of experience within the field of skin cancer, and it is essential and paramount that we share our knowledge and research. Together we have a much better chance of reducing the burden of skin cancer,” said HRH the Crown Princess Mary.

This was followed by a panel discussion, in which representatives from the Skin Cancer Foundation, public health officials from New Jersey and medical experts debated skin cancer developments globally.

”LEO Pharma is committed to furthering research within dermatology and to helping patients achieve healthy skin,” said John Koconis, President and CEO of LEO Pharma Inc.

“To mark the expansion of the LEO Pharma Inc. U.S. offices in a meaningful way, we chose to highlight skin cancer prevention as we aim to strengthen the bridge between those suffering with skin cancer and effective treatment.

“Also, in receiving such distinguished Danish guests – in particular the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess of Denmark – we honour both our company’s Danish heritage and the strong ties between our two nations, as exemplified by our physical expansion here in the U.S.”

LEO Pharma established its U.S. affiliate in January 2010 with around 100 employees. Today the office has 195 employees, a figure set to rise to 300 employees in 2012.

2010 was one of the busiest years on record for LEO Pharma, with a profit before tax of DKK 1,063m. The improvement is largely attributable to the creation of the company’s own sales force at the U.S. affiliate, which enabled direct control of sales to U.S. customers.

Sales in the USA account for 22% of LEO Pharma’s total sales, according to LEO Pharma’s annual financial report 2010. This share is expected to increase in 2011 due to continued investments.

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