LEO logo - terms of use

To download the LEO logo - please read the following terms of use and press 'accept' below to continue.

Colour, size and background
The LEO logo is the LEO lion with the letters L E O.

The logo must always face right.

Original artwork must be used.

Do not use complex backgrounds. They create undesirable visual. 

The logo must have a minimum size of eight (8) mm and must be printet in black. 

Minimum size - 8 mm wide. Recommended size 2 cm wide.
The recommended size of the LEO logo is 2 cm wide and the minimum size is 8 mm.


Branding zone
To ensure clear branding, the 'branding zone' must be applied:

The zone is defined by drawing a box around the LEO logo.

The area of clear space around the LEO logo (x) must be applied.
x Represents the area of clear space around the LEO logo:

x from the top of the tail upward
x from either end of the baseline sideways
x from the bottom of the letters downward.

If in doubt of how to use the LEO logo, always contact LEO Pharma, Corporate Communications.



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