LEO Pharma Research Foundation

LEO Pharma Research Foundation was established in 1947 by LEO Pharma's owner at the time, manufacturer Knud Abildgaard, in memory of the founder of the company, pharmacist August Kongsted.

The LEO Pharma Research Foundation (previously called "Løvens Kemiske Fabriks Forskningsfond") has supported research within medicine, chemistry, biology and pharmacy throughout the years.

In 2008, LEO Pharma Research Foundation established two awards. Every year, a Gold award (DKK 1,000,000) and a Silver award (DKK 500,000) are given to talented and committed young researchers in recognition of their exceptional contribution to science.

Candidates are selected in association with the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR). ESDR administers the advertising and all applications will be reviewed by nominated members of the ESDR Scientific Committee, who will select the three to four best candidates. The final decision and selection of the Gold and Silver award winners will be made by the LEO Pharma Research Foundation’s Award Committee.

LEO Pharma Research Foundation Board:

Lars Olsen, Chairman
Jens Bo Olesen, Vice Chairman
John Mehlbye, Board member
Eivind Kolding, Board member
Peter Schwarz, Board member
Ingelise Saunders, Board member

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