Third party compliance

At LEO Pharma, we do not compromise our com­mitment to integrity. We take responsibility for our actions and we understand that we are ac­countable not just for what we do, but also for how we do it – regardless of location or nature of work.

We acknowledge the importance of collaborating with third parties in our everyday operations. On that basis we encourage the development of effec­tive business relationships that are built on trust, mutual respect and shared values.

At LEO Pharma, we work actively to ensure third party compliance, recognising that this is impor­tant in order to protect LEO Pharma’s reputation as well as maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

What we expect of third parties

Third parties working with or on behalf of LEO Pharma are expected to comply with LEO Pharma Third Party Compliance Code as well as applica­ble laws and regulations, and to uphold high quality and ethical standards. We may require third parties to review operations and develop, docu­ment and implement plans to remedy any non-compliance.

The Third Party Compliance Code defines the minimum requirements to third parties in rela­tion to business ethics, human rights, labour rights, health and safety, environment, subcontractors and management systems within these areas.

How we collaborate with third parties 

At LEO Pharma, we work closely with our pre­ferred third parties to ensure sustainable sourcing and procurement, partnerships and collaborations.

We seek to build long-term partnerships with those third parties who are able to meet our re­quirements.

We assess new third parties in relation to the ex­pectations in the Third Party Compliance Code and we evaluate on-going business relationships regularly. Activities in relation to our assessment and evaluation programme include self-assessment questionnaires, interviews, desktop review, audits and/or any other relevant measures.


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