Corporate social responsibility

We have an ambition to take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at LEO Pharma to the next level in order to increase the positive impact, as well as minimise the adverse impact, we have on society and the environment.
´╗┐The purpose of our CSR Commitment 2018-2020 is to support the achievement of our mission, vision, corporate strategy ‘Helping SARAH’.
Watch the film to learn more about our CSR Commitment 2018-2020 and how we will achieve our aim within each of the five CSR focus areas: Right to health, Right to privacy, Mental well-being at work, Anti-corruption and Responsible supply chain management.   

Our CSR focus areas
To support the ambition of taking our CSR efforts to the next level, five focus areas have been chosen for our CSR work 2018-2020.
This is what we aim to achieve within each of the focus areas:
  • Right to health
LEO Pharma aims to help people with skin diseases get access to health and healthcare, empower them and train healthcare workers within dermatology
  • Right to privacy
LEO Pharma aims to enhance and strengthen right to privacy by implementing cross-organisational governance, protecting the privacy of clinical trialists (patients), healthcare professionals, our employees and other stakeholders, and improving transparency, with more focus on patient-centric information
  • Mental well-being at work
LEO Pharma aims to enhance mental well-being at work for all LEO people
  • Anti-corruption
LEO Pharma aims to strengthen its Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme
  • Responsible supply chain management
LEO Pharma aims to know the social and environmental impact on and through its supply chain and actively work with its business partners to continually improve practices

Other essential areas of our CSR commitment

CSR at LEO Pharma encompasses much more than these five focus areas. Animal welfare, climate change, environment and energy, people safety and people development are all essential areas of LEO Pharma’s CSR commitment. Efforts within these areas are key to upholding LEO Pharma’s high standard within CSR. 
Transparency, compliance with regulations, disclosure, innovation and partnerships focused on creating shared value are all inherent elements when working with CSR at LEO Pharma.
Human rights and UN Sustainable Development Goals
In addition, our commitment to respect human rights and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be part of the overall framework for our CSR work and will be integrated into relevant CSR areas.
We have assessed our impact on all 17 SDGs and have chosen to work with SDGs 3 ‘Good health and well-being’, 8 ‘Decent work and economic growth’, 12 ‘Responsible consumption and production’ and 16 ‘Peace, justice and strong institutions’ which are reflected in three of the five focus areas.
With respect to human rights, we are implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), including conducting human rights impact assessments.

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